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Important: Read our Anti-Spam Policy to ensure that you are complying with our send policies before you purchase credits.

Quantity (number of email credits)Price Per MailPrice Once Off 
1 000 R 0.300 R 300.00 Purchase credits
5 000 R 0.160 R 800.00 Purchase credits
10 000 R 0.150 R 1,500.00 Purchase credits
25 000 R 0.100 R 2,500.00 Purchase credits
50 000 R 0.080 R 4,000.00 Purchase credits
100 000 R 0.060 R 6,000.00 Purchase credits
250 000 R 0.048 R 12,000.00 Purchase credits
500 000 R 0.040 R 20,000.00 Purchase credits
1 000 000 R 0.036 R 36,000.00 Purchase credits
* Note that all prices include 15% VAT Once Off credits DO NOT have an Expiry period
Credits are loaded onto your account during working hours Monday to Friday.

Once-off plans include

  • Advanced contact management
  • Import your own templates or built-in
  • Export reports as CSV files
  • Advanced Google Analytics Integration
  • Your own from address
  • Unsubscribe and bounce management
  • Social media integration
  • Marketing automation
  • Integrate signup forms into your website

Anti-Spam Information

Before purchasing credits please ensure you do not fall into one of these categories which will exclude you from using our service.

  • the promotion or sale of email lists;
  • the sale or advertising or illegal goods or services;
  • pornography or other sexually explicit emails;
  • the sale or advertising of pharmaceutical products;
  • the promotion or offer of internet loans and pay day loans;
  • Sending adverts for multiple companies to the same list;
  • get rich quick', pyramids, work at home schemes;
  • gambling products and services; or
  • online trading, day trading and other activities relating to the stock market.

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Important: Read our Anti-Spam Policy to ensure that you are complying with our send policies before you purchase credits.

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