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Design, create and edit eye-catching emails with BulkMail

Design, create and edit eye-catching emails with BulkMail

From initial idea to clicking the send button! BulkMail has a powerful feature set to get started on your bulk mail campaigns.

You want to tell the world about your amazing new product. Whatever it is you want to say, BulkMail features a powerful, email editor which will help you tell your story.

  • With Built-in Templates to get you started
  • Mobile Friendly, to reach a wider audience
  • Easily add names and other customer-specific info to your campaigns

Analysing and Reports for the next Email Campaign

At a glance, you can see the number of opens, clicks, forwards, unsubscribes and bounces of every email campaign you send. Looking further, and you’ll discover the most popular subscriber locations and email clients in use.

Each campaigns can also be tracked in Google Analytics, while you are also able to get statistics on subscribers locations, and which email clients are being used.

Analysing and Reports for the next Email Campaign
Customer support, always there to assist

Customer support, always there to assist

Our dedicated team is there to help you with your bulk email campaigns.

  • Visit our resource centre to find articles on how to use the system
  • Contact our support if you cannot find a solution for your issue
  • Our premium services will assist you with getting your campaigns out faster
Email Credits Don't Expire
When you purchase email credits, these credits do not expire. Simply return later and start sending mails.
South African Support
Our RSA-based team can be considered an extension of yours. They're experts in e-marketing and can help you at any stage of your campaign.
Well Documented
We have an extensive resource area, where you can learn how BulkMail works. Every detail from importing your contacts to sending out an email is all…

BulkMail Key Features

Import existing contacts, add new subscribers with ease and segment your lists based on subscriber activity.
Measure opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes and more, connect BulkMail to Google Analytics and calculate the return on investment of every email you send.
We take care of bounced emails for you and ensure those who unsubscribe are not contacted again.
BulkMail works behind your brand. Every email you send will come from your own domain, without any trace of its origin.
Segment subscribers based on their activity and use autoresponders to send a chain of emails which builds subscriber advocacy.
BulkMail helps you send email campaigns at precise times for maximum impact.

Easy to get started

01 Login to your account

02 Create & Upload your email list

03 Add your template & Content

04 Click Send & View Reports

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