[spam] How to test if your EMAIL looks like SPAM (Spammy)?

The following guide will assist in testing your email against looking like spam.

This is not a foolproof guide but will assist in most areas to improve the deliverability of your emails.

Step 1

Goto this link www.mail-tester.com

Step 2

An email will be generated on this page, copy the email and paste into your test list you have set up for testing email campaigns. 



Step 3

Send a test campaign to your test email list. 

Step 4

Once the campaign is sent, head over to the link where you copied the email address above. Click on Check your score Button



Step 5

The results of the email sent will be displayed as per the screenshot below. 



Step 6

Open each point to see how you can improve your email or setup.

Then rerun the test with a new email until your score improves.

Example output



Step 7

Once you are done, you can then send out your campaign to your subscribers. 

Note: The test emails are generated once, so you should remove them when you are done.

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