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How many emails did you get today? Based on the latest email marketing statistics, the average person receives more than 120 emails every single day. And, if you’re like most people, you delete those emails without opening, reading, or even unsubscribing.…
How do you measure the success of your email marketing efforts? Or are you even tracking your campaign performance at all? Regardless of which side of the spectrum you’re on, this guide to email marketing benchmarks will get you sorted.…
Hands down, email marketing is your most effective B2B marketing option. You can generate leads, share product news and build long-term relationships. But there’s one big challenge. When something works so well, everyone uses it. In fact, 85% of B2B marketers are…
I wanted to open this article by saying email newsletters are making a comeback, but part of me also wants to say... As the author of THE LATEST — our thrice-weekly email newsletter for digital marketers, business leaders, and sales pros — you…
When someone unsubscribes from your email list, it's hard not to take it personally. Opt-outs are inevitable, though, and the more you learn from them the fewer subscribers you're likely to lose in the future. Sponsored ContentIt can feel a…
Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned email marketing veteran or you’ve never sent a single marketing email, the process is essentially the same: get leads > launch your email campaign > monitor the success of your campaign > make adjustments.…
Producing a sought-after email newsletter is no simple feat. It requires planning, great copy, amazing design, and an eye for detail. You also need to have an intimate understanding of your audience to ensure you serve them content that keeps…
Email marketing is an evergreen trend. When your marketing budget is limited, you can’t afford to ignore a tool as effective as email marketing. In 2019, every $1 spent on emails yielded $42.  For SMBs, email marketing remains a top method for customer…
Let’s cut to the chase: email works. If you’re not using it in your marketing, you should be. And if you are, you should probably be using it more. Why? As an early-stage founder, being able to build a paying…
Think about all the time you spend crafting great content, writing irresistible CTAs and compelling, engaging copy. You want people to read your emails, right? And ideally, you want them to take an action off the back of them – whether…
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