How to Add a Task Against a Contact

BulkMail does not just handle your email marketing. You can use BulkMail as a CRM for your contacts as well. One of the CRM features BulkMail provides is adding tasks against a contact. This could be a follow up call, meeting etc. These tasks will then pop up on your dashboard so you know which tasks are upcoming or overdue the moment you log in. 

To show you how to do this we are going to use a working example. In this example you have just had a conversation with a contact in your BulkMail database and they have requested a call back the following week. First you would search their email address with the search function at the top of your BulkMail account.

how to add a task against a contact 01

When you click the search icon it will bring up the contact in the list view. To add a task again the contact, hover over them and you will see the orange action button click this and then click edit.

how to add a task against a contact 02

When you click edit, the contact manager will open. On the Contact manager, there will be a tab at the top that says tasks.

how to add a task against a contact 03

When you click the tasks tab, there will be an orange button that says add task. When this is clicked, another pop up will appear that is the task editor.

how to add a task against a contact 04

In the task editor, you first want to select the category that your task is to do with.

The categories BulkMail has on the system is:

  • Note
  • Follow-up
  • Email
  • Call
  • Meeting

Once you have selected the category the task falls under, you need to select the due date. This can be booked for any time or date in the future.

If you have multiple users, you can assign which user the task is for.

Then add your description of what the task is and what needs to be done, then click save and the task is now created.

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