How BulkMail handles Duplicates

BulkMail has a few options when it comes to how you handle duplicate contacts.

The options on how you handle duplicates come when you are importing your contacts. There is a section called ‘Duplicates & Fields’.  On this drop down there are three options.

how bulkemail handles duplicates

The first option is ‘ignore any duplicate contacts’. This will ignore any duplicate contacts that are already in the system all together and won’t edit anything about the contact.

The second option is ‘Update existing contacts’. This will update the preferences of any duplicate in the import. This will not unsubscribe them from any list they may already be subscribed to but, will add them to any new lists you choose.

The final option is ‘remove existing contacts and create new ones’. This option will wipe any data stored about the contacts including statistics. It will then create a fresh copy of the contacts with no data against them.

BulkMail only stores one version of a contact and just subscribes them to multiple lists instead of storing multiple versions of the same contact.

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