Handling Duplicates when Sending

BulkMail allows you to send to multiple lists at the same time during the sending process.

This may leave the question, what happens if I have a contact in more than one list?

If you have a contact that is in 2 lists and you send to both lists, BulkMail will only send the contact one email. It will filter through all the duplicate contacts so that your customers only receive on email instead of potentially three or four.

If your contact has received more than one copy of the email there is one thing that is most likely the culprit. Many businesses have inbox forwarding setup so that they receive emails from more than one email address. For example: Their main email address and then maybe a generic email address like This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If a customer has both email addresses in the list they will receive the email twice as they are still counted as two email addresses to BulkMail.

Having troubles setting this up, submit a Support Ticket.

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