Domain Authentication Setup

Setting up domain authentication can improve deliverability. We advise that if you are using your own domain as the ‘from’ address, you should set up domain authentication.

Firstly click the blue button in the top corner of your BulkMail account and click settings.

To setup domain authentication you will need to click the pencil next to your identity.


A window will pop up with a section called email authentication. Click drop down and select ‘yes using my email address domain’


When you click this another window will pop up with a TXT record.


To set up domain authentication you will need to add this TXT record to your domain hosting panel. Your TXT record is unique to your account. Once the TXT values have been added to your hosting panel, you should wait 24 hours for it to propagate across the internet then click ‘validate DNS Records’, Enable then Save.

Having troubles setting this up, submit a Support Ticket.

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