12 August 2019

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Default Fields Vs Custom Fields

Fields are a feature in BulkMail that allows users to add additional information against contacts in their database.  When people sign up to your mailing list you may request information like first name, phone number or location. You can use these fields to customise emails that you send or to filter contacts so that only contacts in a certain location for example, will receive the email.

In BulkMail we have two types of field. Default fields and custom fields. But what is the difference between the two and why are they there.

Default Fields

Default fields are three fields that BulkMail has chosen to be the most used custom field across all clients who use the platform. These are First name, Last Name and Phone number. These fields appear in every single BulkMail account. This means that if you import some contacts these fields will be available without having to create any new fields. The only editable thing about default fields are the default value of the field. To do this go to contacts > Fields. At the top of the screen there will be a button that says default fields. Click this and it will display the default fields in the account.


When you are looking at the three default fields, hover over the field and click the action button and click edit.


This will open up a pop up model that will have a box called default value. Add the default value you would like for that field and click save. Your default value will then be set.


Custom Fields

Custom Fields are fields that the user creates.  You can create a field for anything that you have collected data for. There are three types of custom field:

  • Text Fields
  • Choices Fields
  • Date Fields

These fields achieve different things depending on what you are trying to capture.  We have a detailed article on the difference between these fields that you can read HERE.

You can create custom fields in the fields section of BulkMail or at the mapping stage of an import.

Fields are really useful for increasing open rates. Someone is much more likely to read your email if it is tailored to suit what they are interested in. The open rates of a generic email sent to all your customers will be a lot lower than if you address them by their name and showcase information they want to read about.

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