How does the credit system work?

Credits are very simple to understand.

The basic principal, is 1 credit = 1 single usage of that particular service.

Credits used on the following areas in our systems:

  • To send an email using our platform.
  • When a workflow is triggered.
  • To interact with our API - ie to push and pull data.
  • Our email verification system.

Some examples below will give you an idea on how this works.

Example 1
If you purchase 10.000 credits and have an email list of 5.000 emails. Our system will deduct 5.000 credits.
In this example you have 1 credit per email address which is sent from the system.

Example 2
If you have created any code which interacts with our email platform via our API, for example, you push data into our platform to update user information.
So, if you push 1.000 records to update 1.000 users, this will consume 1.000 credits. The reverse is also true, if you pull data from the system, a credit is deducted for each pull.

In the above example, it is very important to ensure you have optimized your API interaction so you do not push/pull twice otherwise this will consume credits. 
We have the ability to download and upload CSV files, so this can also be used to avoid credit usage (although manual).

Example 3
When sending emails to be verified using our verification tool. Each email verified uses 1 credit.
So if you verify 10.000 emails and have paid for 15.000, we will use 10.000 credits leaving 5.000 remaining.

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