Database Cleaning

Email Verification & Database Cleanup

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Email Verification for 5.000 emails

ZAR 0.0815 per verification.

R410.00 Price Excl. VAT: R356.52

Email Verification for 10.000 emails

ZAR 0.0611 per verification.

R615.00 Price Excl. VAT: R534.78

Email Verification for 25.000 emails

ZAR 0.0489 per verification.

R1,220.00 Price Excl. VAT: R1,060.87

Email Verification for 50.000 emails

ZAR 0.0408 per verification.

R2,040.00 Price Excl. VAT: R1,773.91

Email Verification for 100.000 emails

ZAR 0.0367 per verification.

R3,670.00 Price Excl. VAT: R3,191.30

Email Verification for 200.000 emails

ZAR 0.0285 per verification.

R5,700.00 Price Excl. VAT: R4,956.52

Email Verification for 500.000 emails

ZAR 0.0245 per verification.

R12,230.00 Price Excl. VAT: R10,634.78

Email Verification for 1.000.000 emails

ZAR 0.0204 per verification.

R20,380.00 Price Excl. VAT: R17,721.74

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