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Template Selection

Gbulkmail provides you with over 100 easily-customizable templates to help you build a professional, visually powerful email message within minutes.


Email newsletter templates
Email newsletters are the most widely-used form of email template, providing you with a professionally-designed layout to get your message across.

Email promotions templates
If you're announcing a new product or service or just having a last minute sale, then these email promotions templates will work for you. Customise them and even add a ‘Buy Now’ link to your payment gateway.

Announcing a birth or wishing your clients happy holidays? Then these email card templates will work for you.

Invite your contacts to an event with an invitation template. You can program in auto reminders and RSVPs.

Holiday and Seasonal
When you’re sending out a holiday mailing, whether personal or business-related, these will work for you.

Industry Themes
Need something that looks like it was designed just for your industry? We've got a number of different industry types and layouts already created for you.

Your own Professionally designed template
You want something that is uniquely yours or based upon existing design work your company has? Let us know and for a small fee our graphic designers will build a unique, custom template for you.