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Newsletter Editing

Gbulkmail has a powerful email newsletter creation suite that will make it easier for you to manage your brand image. You'll be able to create and customize email campaigns using a full suite of tools within the template library, from online content creation to online content storage. You can use Gbulkmail to upload content you've created offline, or use content stored on your website to be included in your email marketing campaigns.


Online HTML Editor
Our intuitive, user-friendly online WYSIWIG HTML editor lets you create content from scratch or modify a selected template in minutes. The editor is easy enough to use for people with no HTML design skills yet powerful enough to be useful for those with extensive design skills.

FREE Email Templates
Choose from our extensive library of FREE pre-made templates and customize it with your own background colors, images and text. Alternatively have our design team develop a custom template for you.

Upload your own Templates
Upload a pre-existing online newsletter, announcement, image or email template you have created in an offline HTML editor, by importing the file. Alternatively, Gbulkmail can pull it directly off one of your existing web pages.

Foreign Language Capabilities
Gbulkmail fully supports foreign language and double-byte character sets, allowing you to send both plain text and HTML emails in virtually any foreign language.

Any field in your subscriber datasets can be incorporated into your message subject line or body for personalization. You can even, for example, personalize the ‘From’ field if you are sending on behalf of a team.

Grow your mailing list virally by adding ‘Subscribe Now’ and ‘Forward to a Friend’ links right in the footer or body of your newsletters.

Preview and Test
View work in progress and send and receive test emails prior to your campaigns launch, in both HTML and Text formats.