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Reports & Statistics

Gbulkmail's real-time reporting provides you with detailed statistics on your email campaigns. You'll get a graphical high-level view of your campaign outcome, and you'll be able to drill down into specifics of reports - right down to the individual recipient and how they reacted to a given campaign.

The more you know about your customers, the more you can refine future email campaigns to deliver exactly what they want, when they want it. The valuable information provided by Gbulkmail's real-time reporting and email tracking tools will pave the way to increased sales, decreased bounces, and an ever-increasing return on investment.


Instant Report Generation

Statistics are compiled and displayed in real time.

Send Activity Reports

Find out how many people:

  • Received the send
  • Did not receive the send and why
  • Opened your HTML emails
  • Clicked on any particular link

List Activity Reports

Find out how many:

  • People have been added or removed from your list
  • Number of hard bounces on your list
  • People who have opened or not opened emails from you and which links they have clicked
  • People have yet to confirm their subscription

Contact Activity Reports

For a particular recipient find out which send was:

  • Delivered or bounced
  • Opened or not opened
  • What links they clicked on in a given send
  • If they unsubscribed and when
  • If they subscribed and when


Campaign Optimisation
Use reports to refine and tailor future campaigns - any query made on a report can be saved as a new list for a new targeted send.

Report Archives
View, save and print all campaign reports. The report archive allows you to refer to them at any time to make better decisions on your email marketing strategy and to refine future campaigns.

Viral Tracking Report Analytics
The ‘forward-to-a-friend’ facility helps your recipients spread the word about you. Your campaign reports show how many times your campaign was forwarded and who forwarded it - allowing you to reward your clients who are spreading the word.