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Mailing List Management

Gbulkmail's advanced Mailing List Management features help email marketers save time and deploy more effective email campaigns.

Anti-Spam regulations are serious business, and Gbulkmail's Mailing List Management tools will safeguard your business' reputation. Gbulkmail is CAN_SPAM compliant, so your messages through and you're protected from abuse complaints.


Contact Queries
Build a manual query or use an existing one to filter through your contact information and build targeted list for your next mailing campaign.

Contact Attributes
Define, collect and store up to 25 contract attributes (details, interests, buying behaviors and demographics). You can merge any of these attributes into outgoing email, so every message is targeted and personalized.

Send gender-specific email promotions, geo-targeted email promotions based on proximity to local stores, or promotions based on past purchase behavior.

Subscribe & Unsubscribe Management
Choose whether recipients can be unsubscribed immediately with a single click from the email campaign or whether you want them to unsubscribe using your subscription form.