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Once Off Bulk Email

Select a suitable pricing plan for your bulk emailing sends. No monthly contract. Email marketing simplified.

Buy your email send credits as they're needed from the once-off pricing plan.

Quantity Price Per Mail   Price Once Off
1000 R0.12   R120.00
5000 R0.09   R450.00
10000 R0.069   R690.00
25000 R0.046   R1,150.00
50000 R0.04   R2,000.00
100000 R0.034   R3,400.00
250000 R0.03   R7,500.00
500000 R0.027   R13,500.00
1000000 R0.022   R22,000.00

Note: It's always more cost effective to sign up to a monthly subscription plan rather than a once-off pricing plan.

Once-off plans include:

  • Html email templates - More than 100 easy-to-edit
  • Microsite - To showcase your previously sent newsletters
  • RSS newsfeed - to keep your customers updated
  • File library - Storage for images and file downloads
  • Archived Reports - All your past and current analytics
  • Email newsletters - Archive of all your past and current sends
  • Bulkmail's pricing is flexible. - Once-off and monthly options
  • *Remember, it's always cheaper to Pay per send volume as opposed to paying per stored mailing list size.

    * Note that all prices include 14% VAT | 1 credit = 100kb | Monthly mails require payment of 3 months upfront | Once Off credits DO NOT have an Expiry period | Download the Gbulkmail Price List here

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