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Extra Bulk Email Services

Short on time or just need help getting started? In addition to the help available in our Resource Center and our live expert coaching, we offer a wide range of affordable optional services that will get you up-and-running in no time!

Template Design Database Imports
  • We'll send you two Gbulkmail templates based on the brief you give us
  • One round of additional changes to your favorite Gbulkmail template
  • Implement your Gbulkmail template to the online system
  • We'll put the list of email addresses you send us into a standard format
  • Import the email address list to the Gbulkmail emailing system
  • Duplicate email addresses will be removed from the Gbulkmail system

Template Changes Newsletter Management
  • Changes to a free Gbulkmail template from our template gallery
  • Changes include adding content areas, minor template layout changes
  • We'll update images and headers / footers to fit your branding
  • We'll start off by ensuring your database is up to date
  • Replace content and image spaces on your newsletter with new content
  • We'll send you a test newsletter for your approval

Template Design Template Changes Database Imports Newsletter Management Support
R4,150.00 R 240.00 per 30min R 420.00 R 480.00 per newsletter R240.00 per 30 min

* Note that all prices include 14% VAT | 1 credit = 100kb | Monthly mails require payment of 3 months upfront | Once Off credits DO NOT have an Expiry period | Download the Gbulkmail Price List here