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Email marketing is all about getting your message into your recipient's inbox and having them read it, but why limit yourself to just ONE communication channel?

Gbulkmail offers multiple channels to get your message out there - EmailMicrosites, and RSS Feeds.

Newsletters you've sent in the past often contain a wealth of information that new subscribers might have missed out on. To utilize this information, Gbulkmail allows you to create mini websites, or microsites, thereby making your past newsletters accessible as webpages.

Each Gbulkmail user has a unique URL (such as www.bulkmail.co.za/mycompany) where these microsites are viewable by your customers.

By using a microsite in tandem with an email newsletter to manage your company's information, you have a great opportunity to build your brand over time.

Microsites can even be created from newsletters that were never sent, and if used to their full potential, can provide you with a tremendous opportunity to get your clients to move closer toward a buying decision or to the next level of the sales cycle.

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