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Bulk Mail API

Gbulkmail's API uses XML over HTTP and allows you to seamlessly integrate our functionality into your existing applications or websites.

Think of the API as a remote control for Gbulkmail: It can be used to build, manage, automate, and streamline your email newsletter sending and subscription processes remotely.

To use the Gbulkmail API, you 'll need someone with programming experience and knowledge of XML.

Download the Gbulkmail API Documentation

API Features:

  • Newsletter Management: Add, edit, or delete your newsletters
  • Mailing List Management: Create, edit, or delete your mailing lists
  • Subscriber Management: Add, edit or delete subscriber information and subscribe or unsubscribe email addresses
  • Account Management: Create, edit, or delete sub-accounts and allocate credits
  • Sending Management: Send your email newsletters
  • Reporting: Retrieve reports on sending statuses, statistics, and click data.

Please Note:
If you are using a customized or dedicated domain, then please contact Gbulkmail to confirm the relevant URL forAPI calls.

If you are interested in helping Gbulkmail with a mashup, have some code to contribute, or need an API string that you can't find in the API Documentation, please contact us. If you contribute something useful we'll mention you or your company on our website and give you some free sending credits.

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