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Bulk Email RSS Feeds

Email marketing is all about getting your message into your recipient's inbox and having them read it, but why limit yourself to just ONE communication channel ?

Gbulkmail offers multiple channels to get your message out there - EmailMicrosites, and RSS Feeds.

Our system allows you to publish your newsletters and promotional emails to a RSS Feed, doubling your marketing and communications efforts in one step. Your clients will be able to choose whether they would prefer to receive your messages via EmailRSS Feed, or both.

RSS Feed Features:

  • Increased website traffic and brand awareness
  • An excellent means of distributing headline content on the web
  • An additional channel to communicate with your clients
  • Easily share data between websites by allowing webmasters to use RSS Feeds to easily incorporate third-party content into their websites
  • Viewable in any online or desktop-based RSS Reader
  • Easily crawled by search engines to increase your search engine optimization

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